the ultimate salad

by brendan on August 8, 2006

michael bauer, the restaurant critic for the sf chronicle (and to steal a line from peter rose about playing baseball, “i’d run through hell in a gasoline suit” to have that job) started blogging a few months back, and it’s been nice to get short observations from him about the restaurant world, culture, customs, etc. it’s a lot less formal than a full review, and it’s a nice treat to read about the places he likes to eat during his down time, favorite dishes, etc.

one of his more recent blog entries was about caesar salads – it’s a great post (read it here) and it reminds me of being a kid and going out to dinner with my grandparents at a small french restaurant in san rafeal, ca. named la petite auberge – that is where my love for the caesar started. of course, in true old world style, the waiter would roll a cart out table side and mix the salad in front of me, always starting with one raw egg. . . it can’t be beat. bauer offers some thoughts on the best place to find a caesar salad in san francisco these days, and i think i will make it my mission to give them my own taste test before the year is up!

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