slow food

by brendan on August 11, 2006

i just finished reading my first installment of ‘the snail,’ the magazine put out by slow food, an organization set up to ‘protect the pleasures of the table from the homogenization of modern fast food and life.’ it’s a pretty interesting organization and it is starting to pick up momentum. many people associate it with some sort of weird vegan thing, but it is actually aimed at making sure all food is protected, including rare breeds of cattle and swine, so that we will have a chance to eat their meat, drink their milk, and eat their cheese.

i’m a member of the sf convivium the fancy italian word for ‘chapter), and there are conviviums all over the country, and more importantly, the world. . .they even have a chapter in kentuckey! mostly it involves learning more about food, going to events around different types of food, visiting farms where your food is grown, and most importantly, becoming educated on sustainable farming, eating locally, and supporting your local farmer. . . all good things to do, plus you get to eat really good organic vegetables and meats – nothing wrong with that! so, long story short – check out slow food – it’s pretty interesting. . . .

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