then just don’t eat it!

by brendan on August 14, 2006

there has been a movement growing around the country to get foie gras banned, claiming it amounts to cruelty to animals. there is a ban taking place in california starting in 2008, and the a ban set to take place this month in chicago. i can sum up my opinion of the situation pretty succintly – these people are idiots.

first of all, aren’t there a bunch of other animal rights issues that should trump this? i have to imagine the overall population of foie gras eaters in the united states is pretty small compared to, lets say, the amount of people who use cosmetics, lotions, shampoo, etc that is tested on animals.

secondly, by making such a big deal about this, you’re creating more people out there who now actually know what foie gras is and are probably more likely to to try it. . .the surest way to make someone want something is to tell them they can’t have it. it’s like telling a fat person, let’s say oprah for example, that she can’t eat – the first thing she is going to go do is stuff her face. . .is that what you want?

i liken it to the whole issue of indenceny on tv and radio – if you don’t want to watch it turn the channel – better yet, get rid of your tv. if you don’t want to eat foie gras and are offended by the fact that it could be on the menu, then don’t go to those restaurants and don’t order – save it for people like me who would eat it on toast for breakfast if we could.

enough talking about it – everyone’s homework for the week is to go out and eat some fois gras – and if you live somewhere where the man is keeping you from eating it, you can gaze lovingly at this picture and pretend . . .

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