it’s official

by brendan on August 17, 2006

even though i have been writing posts for a few weeks now, i officially launched today. it is definitely in it’s early stages with many changes and improvements coming down the road. one big change going forward is that i won’t be going it alone, but will have some other smart food people helping out – i’ve tried to get a diverse group of people and am continuing to look for more. i’ll go into more detail about the contributors at another time, but the quick list consists of a real live frenchman, a former cook at per se in new york, an uber smart law librarian/foodie, and our man on the street in the south bay. . .i think we will get a lot of different thoughts and observations up here, and that is what we want.

this will simply be a place for people to talk about food – everything from great restaurants, recipe recently tried or discovered, trends in the food industry, and anything else food related that strikes peoples fancy. if you have any thoughts or ideas on things you want to see, i encourage you to email me and let me know. this will be an ever changing experiment, and this is only the first step.

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