the fatted calf

by brendan on August 18, 2006

it seems like the artesianal food movement is heading into forcemeats (a scary word that basically means salami, sausage, pate, etc.). there is an outfit here in san francisco called the fatted calf that started making an appearance at the ferry building’s saturday farmers market, and i have been slowly tasting their wares. everything i have had so far has been above par, and suddenly i am seeing their product pop up all over the place, most notably at boulettes larder and cowgirl creamery. i’ve talked to some of the guys who run this place briefly while buying some pate, and they are just a bunch of young 30’s guys who love doing what they do, and it comes out in the flavor of their food. the biq question is, is this the start of a small artesianal movement in this part of the food industry, much like cheese has been going through in the past 15 years, or just one small company making some great food?

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