Sapphire Asian Cuisine – San Francisco

by brendan on August 25, 2006

Sometimes, I work out of the Cod Cheeks San Francisco office. For me, a suburbanite, this is quite a treat. Big buildings, great restaurants, belligerent homeless people. Ah, city living. But when I do come to the city, I love to sample the restaurants that we have near the office. One of our favorites is Sapphire Asian Cuisine. Our nickname for the place is ‘Sketchy Chinese Food’, but damn is it good stuff.

I’ve been trying to lose weight, so going there is liking an alcoholic going on the a tour of the Pabst factory. It isn’t pretty. My favorite dish is the Orange Chicken. It is like heaven in a styro-foam container. If you told me that their orange chicken has no chicken and it was made from hog balls and orange flavored goat semen, it wouldn’t change my opinion one iota. It’s that good.

Their lunches are affordable by SF standards and if you get there at noon, you will see a huge line. Don’t be intimidated, it moves with the efficiency of a well choreographed ballet. You will be out of there in less than 5 minutes. As a bonus, I’ve been told, but have never frequented, that at night, the place becomes a Chinese discoteque. How sweet is that?

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