Tequileria – SEA-TAC Airport

by brendan on August 25, 2006

I wasn’t planning on doing 3 posts tonight, but my flight is delayed by 2 hours and I’ve been sitting in a bar for most of it sipping the finest Sam Adams that $6.75 (plus a shot for only $2.50!) will buy.

Since the only bar in the Southwest terminal is Tequileria that is where I chose to sit. The wait staff is friendly and cute and quick with drinks. The guy next to me is bombed. Your typical airport bar.

Remember that scene in The Matrix, where Keanu Reeves has his first meal aboard the Nebachunezzer? Remember how he gags and says it tastes like cardboard or paste or something inanimate and bland? That is what the food at Tequileria tastes like. It’s yummy in an industrial factory floor kind of way. Fortunately, baseball is on and beer is good.

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