ny times part 3 – beer run!

by brendan on August 29, 2006

ok – this is the last of the 3 posts with links to the ny times – i promise, unless i see something tonight, then i will write about it, and i’ll be a liar – but a liar who can make mean beef cheeks, so it’s a wash.

this article is from the time sunday travel section from 3 or 4 weeks ago, and it’s basically a beer tour of the czech republic – so you take napa, replace the wine with beer, and drop it eastern europe – sounds good to me!

i’ve seen the whole idea of food tourism pop up more and more in the past few years – whether it’s a week in tuscany in a country kitchen or a month in thailand sampling the cuisine, it seems like it’s taking off – and it seems like a lot of fun, albeit serving a very specialized group.

for me, this beer tour sounds like a good plan, and since i actually go to eastern europe quite a bit (the benefit of having a polish wife), i may have to stumble my into a few small villages to taste the local brew.

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