no god, no! not the goose liver! nooooo!

by brendan on September 1, 2006

gawker has a “great moments in journalism” section, and picked up on a great article by a “food critic” for the indianapolis star. the reason i put food critic in quotes will become evident. . . to read the entire article, you actually have to buy it, since it has been archived (and i am assuming the indianaopolis star has people banging down the door for their old articles). the fine r points of the review by donna hale are as follows:

“The menu is limited, which I think is always a good sign. Too many restaurants offer too many items, and that sometimes means a sacrifice of quality for quantity.

The menu has many words in French, my undergraduate minor. But it’s been a while, so I asked a waitress for a few interpretations. It’s lucky I did. Otherwise I might have accidentally ordered goose liver pate as an appetizer.”

um, yeah – i really am at a loss for words here. plus, i have been known to start blogging in french at any moment, and if donna hale ever reads this post, i wouldn’t want here to get confused and think i was saying how wonderful i think she is.

click here to see the gawker post.

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