you know who I am talking about

by brendan on September 19, 2006

you’re eating dinner at a ‘white tablecloth’ establishment, something you do once, or maybe twice a month, and you notice another diner sour-faced and complaining throughout a meal that you, in your humble opinion, think is just fine. you know who I’m talking about – and you are mortified and embarrassed for them, feel bad for the waiter, and say to your partner, ‘if i ever get like that, shoot me.’ apparently nobody told nora ephron’s 3rd husband that it was now his responsibility, and she published this whiny little number in the times last week.

i have a feeling if the waiter ignored her throughout the meal she would complain about that too. . . for more not so subtle discourse on the article, you can check out the e-gullet forum dedicated to it.

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