fried everything

by brendan on October 12, 2006

the term ‘good food’ is pretty far reaching – for me, it is anything that tastes good the moment i am eating it, whether it is an uber refined meal at a four star restaurant or the churro i bought off that guy on the corner last week (true story – a guy selling churros on the corner in san francisco – how often does that happen?? i had to buy one. in this case, it sucked, but i will continue my quest for the perfect street churro).

even the county fair is a source of endless delight and pain (the bomb that goes off in my stomach hurts a litte more every year) as i make my way through corn dogs, pizza, candy apples, cotton candy, that pink popcorn suff, and the ultimate prize, the deep fried twinkie. i tell you this so you don’t think i am some kind of food elitist when i say, the people who came up with fried coke are friggin crazy and should be forced to eat their own concoction for eternity. on the other hand, i am oddly drawn to it, like a fly to honey, or whitney houston to crack. . . put it in front of me, and i will eat it, cringing and smiling with every delicious/awful bite.

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