by brendan on October 18, 2006

i was pretty excited to open the sf chronicle this morning and see the food section was about mustard – as strange as it sounds i have been thinking a lot about mustard lately (i guess this makes me a food nerd, or just a nerd in general?). we had a really great meal at coco500 last week (which i have yet to write about. . . it’s coming) – it’s one of my favorite restaurants in the city, and conveniently, it’s less than a block from our house. one of our many appetizers was the duck pate, which comes with all the usual extras, cornichons, toast points, onions, and of course, mustard. in this case it was a creamy dijon and a very tangy stone ground mustard. we’ve had this dish before, and every time we do, i comment on how good the mustard is, and how i want to make my own. unfortunately, there weren’t any recipes on how to make mustard, but the article was still interesting and comprehensive, and makes you realize how much a big part mustard like concoctions are to every culture. plus, it has some links to some sites that have every mustard imaginable. ok – enough of me talking about – just check it out here, and remember, dijon, german, or yellow, mustard is your friend. . . .

on another note, this desire to make everything from scratch has been an ongoing theme for me the past year (the clerk at whole foods yesterday told me how to make vanilla extract from scratch, my next project)and mustard is still on the list – now i am inspired to find some recipes. . .stay tuned.

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