Ace Wasabi’s – San Francisco

by brendan on October 19, 2006

So were sitting around having cocktails at Jacks at Fishermans Wharf when my boss asks do you guys like sushi? Hells yes says I and off me and 4 of my new team mates head into the Mission.

Everyone bags on the Mission because it is too yuppie. It is totally my type of neighborhood. I love the Mission. I also happen to love Sushi, per my previous posts, so a yuppie sushi place was awesome. Even better, seriously, the icing on the cake, was that they play BINGO at Ace Wasabi.

Ace Wasabi is awesome. My boss is like Norm there, so we were ahead of the game going into the place. He was welcomed with open arms and we were treated to sake. While I don’t crave sake, I love Sapparo and fresh fish. All three of which run aplenty at Ace.

The place is full of Mission locals. You are treated as a local when you go in there. It is great stuff. Plus, my boss won at Bingo and wen got $20 off on our tab. It was great. What can you not love about sushi, sake, Sapparo & Bingo?

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