our new bounty

by brendan on October 23, 2006

last wednesday marked week 2 of our csa adventure, and i actually remembered to bring the camera and take a picture or two. also, i got around to uploading the pics my meal from the previous week using a good amount of our farmer fresh bounty. i’ve been particularly bad about getting pictures on-line in a reasonable time, but in my defense, the codcheeks household is about to get a new infant member any moment, and the camera had stayed packed away in the bag by the door for the immanent rush to the hospital, so if there is a sudden lack of posts from yours truly, you will know why. hopefully the other contributors will fill in the gaps. . .

also, we have someone new who will hopefully be posting soon – her name is ande and she shares our weekly csa box with us. her husband came up with a great idea for us – we document the ingredients on the weekly box, then document and photograph the meals we make in our respective households from those ingredients, and post the results here on codcheeks…..brilliant! i’ll see if i can get that off the ground. . .

as promised, here is a picture (i’m still getting the hang of photographing food, so bear with me) of one of the meals from two weeks ago using the veggies from the farm: pork tenderloin on a bed of roasted zucchini with an arugula, carrot, and heirloom tomato salad with oil and vinegar dressing.

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