wild game week (or, ‘the best week ever’)

by brendan on October 26, 2006

any email whose subject line starts with ‘wild game week’ is most likely an announcement for the discovery channel or pbs, but sometimes, it’s even better. today was one of those times. yummmmmmmm!waiting in my inbox this morning was the email i look forward to every year, like christmas morning but with more elk steak – the big four restaurant’s line up for their yearly wild game week.

the wife, my dad, and i all went last year and it was quite an experience. the restaurant itself, located in the huntington hotel on nob hill, is worth going to just for a drink if nothing else. it’s has a beautiful interior (designed by the late great tony hail), a fantastic bar with someone tinkering away on the piano, and good food with great service. i hesitate to use the term ‘old school,’ but with dark hardwood and leather that makes up a big part of the decor, it’s hard not too. . .that and the fact that my grandparents were regulars in the 60’s. they must be doing something right, since they are still an institution, and part of that something is wild game week. for the week (novemeber 7th-11th) the menu is singularly focused on wild game, and it is fantastic!

some highlights from last year: buffalo hash, kangaroo sliders, ostrich tar tar with quail egg, tenderloin of llama, and ribeye of yak (one of the best steaks i have ever eaten). if that doesn’t qualify as wild game, then i don’t know what does. we’re going to miss this years event (there is a baby on the way in the codcheeks household), but if you have a chance, and like to live a little, check it out. You can find the menu here along with a bunch of other relevant info.

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