watermelon redux

by brendan on October 30, 2006

yesterday i took a good long look at the watermelon sitting on my cutting board, and nothing came to me (even though i got a great suggestion for a watermelon relish). i decided to cut it up, separate the rind, and think on it some more. after tasting how good it was, it hit me – i’ll celebrate the indian summer in san francisco with watermelon sorbet. it’s a pretty easy process (as long as you have a ice cream maker):

1) work the pieces of watermelon (about a 5lb melon) over a large bowl to remove the seeds – make sure to catch all the juices in the large bowl and keep your de-seeded melon there.

2) measure out 1/2 cup of light corn syrup, 1/2 cup of sugar, the juice of two limes, and two tbsp. grenadine.

3) get your blender out and liquefy 1/2 the watermelon and juice with the corn syrup, then pour through a sieve or chinois into a large bowl.

4) add the remaining watermelon and juice into the blender along with the sugar and liquefy then pour through a large sieve or chinois into the same large bowl as before.

5) add the lime juice and grenadine, then stir. cover bowl and refrigerate overnight or until cold (4-5 hours).

6) remove from refrigerator and follow the instructions on your ice cream machine. . .

so simple and soooo good. the resounding opinion was that it was pretty refreshing. i jazzed mine up a bit by throwing a splash of balsamic vinegar on top and it had a great interplay of flavor. this would be a great amuse bouche or in-between course palette cleanser, combined with a balsamic vinegar reduction. . . or by itself on a hot summer day.

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