weeekend round-up

by brendan on November 6, 2006

a few things that peaked my interest over the weekend:

  • check out the amateur gourmets post on his free, white truffle meal at alain ducasse. it looks like a pretty amazing meal – the few times i have had white truffles i was blown away. this is the season, so find a place that does some dishes with white truffles and get there. scott, our man on the street in san jose, said we need to start doing stuff like this on codcheeks too. so, any restaurants in the bay are that want to give us a free meal in exchange for talking about it to our vast reading audience, email me and let’s talk – help me help you.
  • even though i hardly mention it, i swear i live next to one of the best restaurants in the city, coco500. i walk by this place every night on my way home from work, and the smells coming from inside always knock my socks off. i’ve eaten there probably 7 times this year, and at my last meal about a month ago, my wife, who always liked the food, but was never amazed, was finally converted after eating off the new menu. i had the duck pot pie that night and thought i saw god twice. with the restaurant a 1/2 block away, i think it will be our place for a quick night out when the baby comes (any day now i hope) – no complaints here.
  • i did some quick and easy cooking last night (roasted pork tenderloin with a simple white wine and mustard reduction sauce, spinach, and salad) so i won’t go too much into the details there. saturday however, i braised some short ribs, and they were pretty tasty. it was a bit impromptu – we went to golden gate meats (best butcher in san francisco in my opinion) for the previously mentioned pork tenderloin, and knowing that i am game for anything, one of the guys pulled out french cut short ribs. i’d never seen short ribs cut like that, bought two, and brought them home. that being said, i’ve had some requests to write a detailed run down on the braising methods in general, so i meticulously photographed every step and i am in the process of putting together a very long and technical post. . . it will get up in the next few days barring any bundles of joy coming my way. . .
  • lastly, it looks like blogger (the platform i use bring you the awesomeness that is codcheeks) will be adding some new features in the coming months – the most exciting one is “tagging” so i can start categorizing things a bit better (recipes, reviews, etc.) – does it make me a big geek that this is really exciting to me? yes, yes it does.

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