tis the season

by brendan on November 21, 2006

tis the season for new additions to the family as well as thanksgiving, where here at the cod cheeks test kitchen on brannan st., we will be making a feast! we have some family coming to town, including the gourmet dad and the brother-in-law who is starting to find his way around the kitchen. that leaves me somewhere in the middle…..

i’ll be documenting the whole thing of course, and this year is a bit more interesting since we won’t get our box of veggies until wednesday night, so we won’t really know what we’re making until then, with one exception, a fennel sausage stuffing for the heritage bird we are getting from our favorite butcher. hopefully the new little boy will appreciate all the good food we are making that he can’t eat.

also, we have the mother-in-law visiting from poland, and she has been wowing us with some great soups, my favorite being zurek, a sourdough soup, as well as many great potato based dishes including pierogi’s and kopytka (polish gnocchi). i think we are going to be doing a big feast saturday as well, with another braising experiment coupled with a polish food infusion – it should make for some good food, and some good fodder…..

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