St. John’s Bar & Grill – Tri-Tip Tuesday – Sunnyvale, CA

by brendan on November 29, 2006

As a lot of you know, I recently started a new job. Jodi, one of the key members of my team, immediately started raving about how great Tri-Tip Tuesday is at St. John’s and how we need to go out there for a team event. Sure, sure, I thought. Who is this crazy person and why did I come to this company again? Tri-Tip? WTF?

But like Old Faithful, every Tuesday, Jodi went to Tri-Tip Tuesday at St. John’s and every Tuesday, she came back to the office and praised the gospel of St. John. I wanted to go at some point just to shut her up, but some how I would have meetings or what have you and miss out on the venture off campus to get tri-tip sandwiches.

This past Tuesday, I happened to be talking with Jodi while she was in line at St. Johns and asked that she please bring back a Tri-Tip sandwich so that I could sample it and write a typical nasty post about how the food tasted like burnt play doh or some other catchy, multi-glass of wine metaphor.

You know what they say about assumption being the mother of all fuck-ups. To Jodi, I owe an incredible apology. While I’ll admit, I’m a novice when it comes to tri-tip sandwiches, I’ve had a few in my time. St. John’s makes a sandwich that is head and shoulders above the rest. In fact, it is so good, that TTT, as it is called, is now in the regular rotation.

For those that don’t know, St. John, AKA, John the Baptist, is who baptized Jesus. He should have baptized Jesus in the marinade that his namesakes bar and grill uses for their sandwiches. I don’t believe in heaven, but these little morsels are probably as close as it comes.

First, the steak is amazing. I don’t know how some dive in Sunnyvale can pull off getting such a great cut of beef, but they have. It is like St. John baptized all the cows that they serve. Secondly, and this was new to me, but the put a little bit of salsa on the sandwiches. This gives it just a bit of a kick and a very unique taste when it comes to tri-tip. Imagine the best beef taco you’ve ever had. Double that, put it on the cream and the clear and you’re almost there.

If you are near Sunnyvale and dig on Tri-tip, you need to get your sexy back down to St. John’s. One word of caution, get there early. Seriously early. After 11:30, the line is out the door.

Once again, to Jodi, I sincerely apologize. You were right about TTT. I’ve been to the altar and am a believer.

Blasphemy and beef. There it is from the man on the street looking for something to eat.

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