thanksgiving….two weeks late….i suck

by brendan on December 7, 2006

turkey day is two weeks past and i am finally posting about it – i know i am horribly late, but it’s been a bit hectic with the new baby, family visiting for the holiday, and going back to work. i have turned the corner though, and i’m back on the codcheeks horse (does that even make sense?), and i’ve got a bunch of things to share, but first, let’s tackle thanksgiving and our beauty of a turkey. . . .

we had a good crew in the kitchen: me, my dad, and my brother-in-law (who has a new found interest in cooking), and we divvied things up pretty well, which basically means i was in charge and told everyone what to do . . . we picked up our vegetable box on wednesday night, and were happy to find leeks, potatoes, yams, onions, carrots, butternut squash, and a host of other goodness. i still had to make a supplemental trip to whole foods to pick up a few things, but i bought much less than i ever had in previous years. I also picked up a heritage turkey from our local butchers which turned out to be pretty tasty and i cooked without basting, which still resulted in a beautiful, brown, crispy skin. the main lessons learned: truffle butter makes anything taste good and dungeness crab is a great pre-thanksgiving dinner snack!

ok, time for the menu and pictures:

  • italian sausage and sourdough stuffing and fennel
  • parsnips with truffle butter
  • carrot soup
  • mashed potatoes
  • braised yams
  • butternut squash with sorghum and curry spice
  • ginger and garlic green beans
  • fresh cranberry sauce
  • biscuits
  • turkey gravy
  • heritage turkey

here’s a side view the pretty bird:

raw butternut squash (with martini on the rocks in the background):

the set table:

the feasters:

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