the drake

by brendan on January 8, 2007

“how could you not like the drake?”

well, if you’re talking about sf drake, the uber rare cheese from cowgirl creamery, the answer is, you can’t! i hit the their store at the ferry building almost every weekend, and as i was looking over he usual soft cheeses, i noticed something new – the sf drake. i grabbed one and was told it’s rind is washed in muscat and then fresh currants are pressed into it. it’s only made around the holidays when ‘conditions are right,’ and not every year. to me it sounded like a hidden treasure or that the circus was coming to town and the bearded lady was doing a show just for me. i grabbed one, and we ended up eating it for breakfast on new years eve. it was awesome – it’s a medium bodied cheese – somewhere between their redhawk and mt. tam. the sweetness from the currants and the washed rind really set it apart. we devoured it.

since then, i have purchased 5 more rounds and have taken them out when we’ve had guest over, and they have lasted about 20 minutes each, with people going nuts over the cheese. I have one more left for this week, and may make a special trip to ferry building today and see if they have any left in stock. if you like cheese and live in the bay area, try to get to the ferry building to get some. as a warning though, i will take you out if it comes down to me and you and the last bit of sf drake, and i fight dirty (mostly slapping and hair pulling though, so it’s not too bad).

pictures are linked from the website – since there are no pics on the cowgirl site and i haven’t uploaded any of my own yet. it’s a cool site – check it out.

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