now with more salt!

by brendan on March 21, 2008

i could list a dozen excuses for why this site for all things food has floundered and then come to a grinding halt over the past few months, but who cares really?! it’s time to move forward and start writing about food again!

i’m been thinking about getting back on the horse for a few months, and then yesterday my friend alex linked to this site from his site (check it out at – i can attest to the fact that he is french and hungry!), and i was embarrassed about how long it had been since i had posted. so here we are. . . .

for those of you who don’t know, i am no longer in san francisco. . . but it’s ok. we moved to louisville, kentucky, and so far, so good! so now that i am situated and settled, and spring is upon us, and the farmers markets are ready to open, its time to start cooking, sampling, dining, and writing again. i’ve discovered some great southern cooking items and recipes that i’ll start to share as well as anything interesting happening in kitchens around town, or the kitchen in my house (ye, when you move to kentucky you get to buy a house!).

i think my first dispatch from the bluegrass state will be about country ham. . .stay tuned.

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