thanksgiving 2008 menu

by brendan on November 26, 2008

i haven’t been cooking as much as i would like the past few months and what little cooking i have been doing, i haven’t been writing about. thanksgiving has me pretty motivated though, so the goal is to try to catalog my thanksgiving kitchen escapades and get codcheeks back on track!

i spent the last few days deciding on a menu for thanksgiving and completed it, as well as my shopping list, a few minutes ago. any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated! i can’t wait to hit whole foods tomorrow at get started.

the jacksons thanksgiving 2008 menu:

  • roast turkey
  • bread and sausage stuffing
  • black truffle butter and white wine gravy
  • cranberry tangerine conserve
  • cider glazed carrots
  • haricots vert with herb butter
  • olive oil mashed potatoes
  • roasted sweet potato rounds with garlic oil and fried sage
  • apple-gruyère pie
  • classic pumpkin pie

how am i going to sleep tonight??

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