Maybe Grant Achatz will adopt me?

by brendan on October 20, 2011

I don’t post anything for weeks on end and then it’s two Grant Achatz videos in a row. Am I obsessed? I would say yes, slightly, in good way though (I think). Also, Achatz has been posting a bunch of new videos lately, and they happen to be pretty good.

This one is the story of the two luckiest goddamn kids on the world (besides my two kids of course), who get to sit down with their dad and concept his new menu for Next, which is focusing on childhood, and rolling out this weekend. The kids have better ideas then I would ever have had, of course they are kids, so they automatically have a better imagination than me, and they are Achatz kids, so they have already been exposed to more awesomely awesome food things in their short lives then I ever will. It’s not often I am jealous of a seven year old….

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