“Restaurant” Review: Fox & Obel Cafe, Chicago

by brendan on October 21, 2011

You may notice that “restaurant” is in quotes, because I wouldn’t really call this a restaurant, but more like an attempt at a restaurant added to a high-end grocery store. I’ll keep this pretty brief, it wasn’t very good, in fact, it was pretty awful. And the bar was low, like “I am super hungover and starving for grease” low, because I was actually super hungover and starving for grease.

We didn’t plan on going there, because no one who lives in Chicago and is in their right mind plans to go down to Navy Pier on a Sunday morning. Our plan was to go to Dose, this very cool sounding artisanal food/fashion thing going on at the River East Art Center. It looked really cool when we walked in, but maybe a bit too cool for two hungover parents with two little boys hell bent on touching everything (a bad combo when food and clothes are involved). Plan B was Fox & Obel next store.

We had some basic needs, meat and cheese for us, and something sweet for the kids. The kids pretty much won out here, getting a Rice Krispie treat and an Angel Foodcake Muffin, which was actually pretty damn good, and was the lone thing keeping me from flipping out. We ordered breakfast burritos, the king of hangover cures, the one thing that brings all the things you need to cure your pain all wrapped up in a present just for you. Bottom line: it took forever to get there, and when it came, it sucked. Eggs were no good, salsa was bland, couldn’t taste any meat in there, and if there was cheese, I couldn’t find it. Plus it just looked horrible. The super dry potatoes on the side didn’t help. On the plus side, the bottle of sparkling water they sold me was awesome.

Even though I shouldn’t have to say it at this point, I will anyway, don’t eat there. I didn’t take a picture so I went to Google and did an image search for “bad breakfast burrito” and this came up. That about sums it up.


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