Thanksgiving 2011 Menu

by brendan on November 21, 2011

After spending a lot of time (probably too much) thinking about and researching different recipes, along with some vetting by other key members of the eating party (which included the other two people who will be at the table who are over  five), we have our 2011 Thanksgiving Menu primed and ready to go. You can see it below with links to the ones I grabbed online. I really tried to strike a balance between old and new, along with some things that a five year and three year old would be excited about – those two are my toughest critics. If you make any of them, let me know how they turn out.



  • Brined and Roasted Turkey (We aren’t going to roast it whole, we are going to carve it up beforehand and roast the pieces. Since all the pieces cook for different periods of time, this will ensure none dry out)
  • Gravy (We’ll make Turkey stock the day before)
  • Nana’s Sausage Stuffing (No link here, just a family recipe. If you want it, email me. It always tastes best when you make it in SF and have real sourdough.)




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