Thanksgiving. The Week After

by brendan on December 2, 2011

I am just now recovered from the huge amount of food consumed on Thanksgiving and the days that followed, and finally have sufficient enough faculties to give a quick recap. I’ll keep it short. Thanksgiving is still my favorite holiday. We made most of the things on the proposed menu, and took left turns on some others. The real winners were the unamalicious green beans, the gin and shallot cranberry sauce,  pumpkin cheesecake (modified from a sweet potato cheesecake recipe), and of course, the secret family stuffing recipe.

One thing I tried for the first time this year, and will do from now on, was carving the bird up and roasting it in pieces (see image on the right). It gives you excellent control over the cooking time of each piece, which does vary. Plus it cooks the turkey faster and you can carve it easier. That’s it. I told you, I’m keeping it short.

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